” the thundering nature of reality ”

thunderingnature Sound(s) & Music(s) by Ian Murphy recorded : 2003 - 2006 location(s): Bristol Road, Baker Street, Scotland Street, Southover Street - Brighton - UK (primary) equipment Akai Mpc 2000 with EB16,Kam Gm 50,Vestax MR 44,Technics 1210 mk2. (additional) equipment : Zoom 9002,Syntrillium Cool Edit, radio, light-box, hydrophone. vinyl LP - edition of 125 copies - October 2008 SIDE(1) jack is/ex plain(s) as/to (j)ill whilst the radio plays SIDE(2) tape/take peace thru the ceiling ? ” Poppy No Good conversing with a Replicant about the finer points of Phaedra, Zerotime and other popular longform synthetics whilst the stereo blares Electric Ladyland on repeat . “A super caffeinated document of hand whipped fuzz peaks,out of phase electronics,screaming cassette musics and long sections of dizzy ” in the red ” harmonics… ”